WV School Nurse Certification

The West Virginia Department of Education requires that all school nurses become certified. The process of school nurse certification must be initiated within the first year of employment. There are various programs offered in the state of West Virginia for this certification.

Fees are based on individual institution requirements.

Schools in West Virginia that offer School Nurse Certification

Bluefield State College
Beth Pritchett, RN is the contact person

Fairmont State College
Dr. Harry Hadley, educator, is the contact person

Marshall University
Marilyn Fox is the contact person within the Department of Nursing 304-696-6750

Shepherd College
Lynn Hanson, RN is the contact person

Concurrent School Nurse Certification and BSN are available through Marshall University.

Colleges and Universities in other states also offer School Nurse Certification. This certification may be honored by the West Virginia Department of Education. Please contact Mrs. Laura Kiser, Coordinator for Office of Professional Preparation at llkiser@access.k12.wv.us or call 558-7010.

When initiating the School Nurse Certification process be prepared to provide course descriptions, syllabi, and objectives from your undergraduate program. School Nurse Certification requirements may vary greatly between institutions. Some requirements may include:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Completing the I-TP-20 obtained from your Board of Education
  • Successful Completion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (unless exempt)
  • Developing a portfolio to describe your nursing experiences

It is essential that you contact your County Board of Education Certification Specialist regarding individual County requirements.